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Automatic 6 Corner Lunch Box Forming Machine

Brief Introducon

This machine is suitable for single PE or double PE and it is mainly for the take away box,noodle pail,and food trays.


Main Features

1. Our machine has the funcon of mechanical transmission, energy saving, stability, simple operaon, microcomputer detecon, domesc advanced technology products.

2. The equipment is a fully automac paper product forming equipment, which has the advantages of high speed and convenient operaon. The machine is equipped with hot air generator, which is suitable for single and double PE coated paper.

3. It can be used to produce one-off paper lunch boxes and food trays through connuous processes such as automac paper feeding, edge heang of upper cover, folding of upper cover, hot pressing, automac collecon, etc. and whole process microcomputer control.





Speed 18-20 pcs/min
Suitable  Material 200-400gsm   single   OR    double   PE  Coated
Power 8KW (+7.5 KW for compressor)
Voltage 380/50Hz
Machine  Size 2400*1600*2160mm
Machine  weight 950kg


Configuration List

No                      Name Original supplier
1 Main motor MaiLi (China)
2 PLC Delta(Taiwan,China)
3 Frequency converter INVT(China)
4 Touch Screen Delta(Taiwan,China)
5 Main air Cylinder AIRTAC(Taiwan,China)
6 Relay CHINT(China)
7 Contactor CHINT(China)
8 Temperature Controller Keqiang(China)

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