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DX-2800 Laser Imagesetter

Machine Description:

DX2800 High precision, full automatic, 60m lining, 64 channels by roller laser imagesetter without any dark room is the latest product developed by UP Group in 2004 with full automatic operation during whole process, grid reverting exactly and high precision resetting and so on. Also it is the ideal choice of large plate making center, news printing, circuit printing and escutcheon trade.


Technical specification

  1. Exposure dimensions: 940mm/812mm × 660mm/610mm/558mm/508mm
  2. Scanning precision: 1500dpi/3000dpi (alternative)
  3. Scanning mode: External drum 64 channels frequency laser rapid scan
  4. Repeatability Precision (mm): <± 0.01mm
  5. Operation mode: full automatic , 60m roller with film processor, without any dark room
  6. External dimensions: 2580mm × 1360mm × 1180mm
  7. Interface condition: All signals are TTL interfacing with computer

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