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Three-servo Bag Making Machine


This machine processing and assembly is superior, shape is beautiful and structure is reasonable. The whole machine can run smoothly with low noise. It is easy to adjust zipper. Bag hole can be punched accurately. The speed is fast. The machine adopts PLC three servo traction control, temperature centralized control, reducing electricity consume. The feeding system adopts constant tension control, and ensures the smoothness of the material and the accuracy of the control. Middle tension floating roller adopts dynamic compensation mode, to make the process of pulling material fluctuates slightly. Tension control is stably. The creasing overlaps and stability of horizontal and arc heating knife are good.


Main Technical Parameter
Bag making function
Three-side sealing & Single zipper Standing & Standing Bag
Main electric Device
Three Servo Motor, Panasonic PLC, AC motor masterdrive, Panasonic frequency converter, Temperature control 24 Road, Tension control unwinding.
Base material
two-layer or multi-layer three-side sealing laminated film pouches with zipper sealing and doy-pack making function which take BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper as base material.
150 times/min
Max unwinding line speed
≤38 meter/min (subject to base material)
Making bag size
length (400mm), It adopts times to send when the length is more than 400mm. (Max times to send is six)
Max width of bag
Max size of roll material
Location precise
Heating sealing knife quantity
5 set Longitudinal Knife, warming and cooling up and down.
Transverse Knife: 3 set warming up and down. 2 set cooling up and down.
Transverse sealing adopts ultrasonic welding zipper head.
Temperature electric heating quantity
22 piece
Temperature range
Total Power
60Kw (Starting power is about 45kw, in condition of keeping warm, power is about 35kw)
Overall Dimension
Net Weight
About 7000 kg
Machine steel plate thickness
Control system Model
Japan Panasonic PLC Laminating Film High speed bag making machine control system.


Bag Size


Side sealing bag

Bad Width


Bag Length


Time to send (6 times) The max length is 2400,So Max Bag Size is 580*2400mm





Tipper & Stand bag


Equipment and Parameter

1) Unwinding device

  1. Structural form:horizontal type level station(formed of magnetic powder brake, air cylinder, swing roller, pulling roller sensor and control system )
  2. Unwinding bearing:air shaft and pneumatic-lock device.


2) Unwinding tension

  1. Control system:computer control, magnetic powder brake, Compensation potentiometer, rotary encoder, tension system.
  2. Adjust drive:PID adjust, PWM drive.
  3. Detection mode:Detection by Compensation potentiometer and rotary encoder together.


3) Edge control device

  1. Structure: K type frame vertical translation, adjustment by screw rod.
  2. Drive: solid-state relay drive and low speed synchronous motor
  3. Transmission:coupling connect
  4. Control form: Double photoelectric sensor computer control
  5. Detection mode:reflecting type photoelectric sensor detection
  6. tracking accuracy:≤0.5mm
  7. Adjustment range:0-100 mm


4) Opposite side

  1. Structure: centre and both way, rotary type adjust structure.
  2. Form: manual adjustment(adjusting handle )


5) Perfect register up and down

  1. Structure: single roller adjustment up and down.
  2. Form: manual adjustment(adjusting handle )


6) Longitudinal sealing device

  1. Structure: combined type bridge structure, 5 sets heating & cooling up and down
  2. Heating knife length:800mm cooling knife length: 400mm


7) Transverse sealing device

  1. Structure: crossbeam type heating and pressing
  2. Quantity:transverse heating: 3 sets,length:540mm
  3. Cooling: 2 sets,length:540mm
  4. Zipper head adopts ultrasonic welding


8) Film Pulling

  1. Structure: pneumatic type glue roller pressing and clash type
  2. Drive: Inertia in the digital type AC servo system
    (Panasonic or Mitsubishi servo motor: 1Kw、1.5Kw  2000r/m)
  3. Transmission: M type Synchronous belt round transmission: speed ratio: 1:2.4
  4. Control Form: computer concentrate control
  5. Detection mode: photoelectric sensor, nearby switch.


9) Middle tension

  1. Structure: vapour-pressure type float tension roller
  2. Control form: computer control, Dynamic exercise compensation
  3. Detection mode:non-contacting approach switch
  4. float tension roller adjustment range:0~0.6Mpa


10) Main transmission device

  1. Structure: The crank rocker push-pull type four bar mechanism
  2. Drive: Panasonic 3.7Kw converter drive, 3.7kw phase asynchronous motor
  3. Transmission: Main transmission motor with 1:17 reduction gears
  4. Control form: computer control
  5. Mode of exercise:Main motor exercise brings frame vertical motion up and down.


11) Automatically location device

  1. Type: a) Computer automatically fixed length control type: accuracy: ≤0.5mm
         b) reflecting type photoelectric sensor detection:accuracy: ≤0.5mm
  2. Photoelectric search range:0~10 mm( range is set by computer, automatically search )
  3. Correct compensate range:±1~±5 mm
  4. Location correct type: photoelectricity and servo motor coder feedback computer control


12) Temperature control device

  1. Detection mode: thermocouple Detection E type
  2. Control type: computer control, solid-state relay drive PID adjustment
  3. Temperature range: 0~300℃
  4. Detection temperature spot: Middle in electric heating piece


13) Cutting knife

  1. Structure: up cutting knife+ adjustment device + fixed down cutting knife
  2. Transmission: eccentric shaft motive power
  3. Adjustment: level moving, pulling handle adjust the angle of cutting.


14) Zipper device

  1. Longitudinal cold wave:combination type bridge structure, 2 sets heating and cooling up and down.
  2. Heating knife: 640mm
  3. Cooling knife: 330mm
  4. Zipper move towards: left, middle, right guide plate Longitudinal arrange


15) Standing bag illustration device

  1. Structure: horizontal type level station(formed of magnetic powder brake, air cylinder, swing roller, pulling roller sensor and control system )
  2. Illustration pulling: main motor pulling drive illustration together
  3. Unwinding: swinging arm control unwinding motor
  4. Control form: sensor and rotary encoder
  5. Transmission: coupling connection.
  6. opposite side: screw rod structure, manual adjustment
  7. Tension: unwinding constant-tension
  8. Unwinding bearing: air shaft
  9. Punch hole: photoelectricity tracking, Main computer control, pneumatic punch. Punch hole location is adjusted manually.


16) Waste collector

  1. Structure: horizontal type Reciprocating screw collecting waste material.
  2. Drive: AC motor
  3. Control:sensor


17) Punch device

  1. Structure: Bow type pneumatic type punch mould
  2. Control form: computer control
  3. Drive: electronic switch drive magnetic valve(DC24V)
  4. Punch hole seat: guide rail type support bow type manual level adjustment.
  5. Moulds: Ling form hole 4×2(2 sets)round holeφ6(2 sets)φ16(2 sets)


18) Times to send device

  1. Structure: pneumatic type cushion and nonsynchronous heat protection type
  2. Control form: computer control
  3. Drive: electronic switch drive magnetic valve(DC24V)
  4. Motion type: 5 sets transverse heating knife, 2 sets cooling knife, nonsynchronous motion.
  5. Quantity of times to send: from 2-6 times(it is set in computer)


19) Automatically carry device

  1. Structure: O type lever station
  2. Drive: solid-state relay drive, gear reduction speed single phase motor
  3. Transmission: helical gear transmission
  4. carry range and quantity: set in computer freely
  5. Control form: computer control


Supporting facility(offered by the user)

  1. Power: three phase 380V±10﹪50Hz air switch 150A with zero wire, earth wire(R.S.T.E)
  2. Capacity: ≥60Kw
  3. air source: 35 L/min(0.6Mpa)
  4. Cooling water: 15 L/min


Configuration List

Position name

Parts name



Pulling motor


Pneumatic part

Airtac, Taiwan









Vertical feeding

Black motor


Control part



Touch screen

Weinview, Taiwan

Solid relay


Magnetic powder brake


Edge controller


Off way controller



Oscillating bearing

South Korean

Drive bearing


Detecting part

Photo electric sensor




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