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LQ-ZX 450 Plate Mounting Machine

1. Brief Introduction of the Project

  ZX-450 Plate Mounting Machine is the high-level product developed towards the customers for wide flexo printing machines. They are mainly used to fulfill the plate operations of the wide flexo printing machines, including rack, plate operation desk, high-definition color video camera, driving mechanism of plate roller lifting gear motor, corresponding control system and other components.

The outstanding features of the equipment are expressed in the following several aspects:

★ The rack construction with the wallboard structure after high-strength holistic processing has great working stability and is durable in use;

★ The 650-line color high-definition camera can reach 70-times amplification ratio, present clear images, possess high resolution ratio, and substantially improve the precision of the plate;

★ The lifting of plate roller structure adopts the gear motor drive control, which largely facilitates the operations of the plate;

★ The complete machine adopts the centralized control of circuits, which is convenient for operations and has relatively high degree of automation;

★ The 19-inch high-resolution liquid crystal display provides clear and bright images and effectively alleviates the visual fatigue of operating workers.

2. Overview of Equipment

The maximum width of the equipment is within 1.6m, the longitudinal length is controlled at 0.7m or so, the height of the equipment is smaller than 1.7m and the drive is on the two sides of the wallboards of the equipment. The operation, usage, repairing and maintenance are very convenient.

3. Scope of Supply

The equipment manufacturer is responsible to provide all the production equipment involved in this specification and PFD except the individual auxiliary facilities which is designated to be provided by the user. The production equipment includes rack, plate operation desk, high-definition color video camera, corresponding control system, operation interface, operating console, control system program, air-actuated control system, and wiring and so on.The main contents that the user is responsible for include the electricity and gas supporting equipment on the installation site of the equipment and so on.

4. Main Technical Parameters of the Equipment

    Effective Width of the Plate:                                        500MM

    Diameter of the Central Spindle:                                Φ200MM

    Precision of the Plate:                                                  ±0.15MM

    Resolution Ratio of the Camera Lens:                       650 Line

    Maximum Focal Length of the Camera Lens:           70 Times

    Focusing Mode of the Camera Lens: Manual Variation of Focal Length   

    and Manual Focusing

    Gear Motor Drive:  Approximate to 300mm/min (Plate Roller)

5. Main Equipment Configuration 

     Rack System                            ZHIXIN                        One Set

     Pneumatic Components       Taiwan AirTac            One Set

     Low-Voltage Apparatus        Taiwan Mean Well     One Set

     Liquid Crystal Display           Philips 19-Inch           One Set

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