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M1050E Automatic Die-cutting & Creasing Machine


  1. Description

      Compare with MY1050A, MY1050E has the following advantage:

  1. Pneumatic Plate Locking Device: easy to lock the plate
  2. Electric Pressure Adjusting System: easy to adjust the pressure, no need to turn the hand wheel, can adjust the pressure in the Interface.


MY1050E automatic die-cutting and creasing machine is mainly used for the die-cutting, creasing, cold and hot embossing of cigarette box, drug box, wine box and label in the packing and decorating industries. This kind of machine is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die-cutting, delivering counting, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring. It has the features of easy operating, reliability, high speed and precision.

● Adopt programmable controller, it is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die-cutting, delivery, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring.

● Using unique cam intermittent construction designed by computer, which ensures die-cutting precision and gripper bar's processing stability.

● The main motor is controlled by transducer, which achieves step less speed regulation and smooth operation.

● The bearings and chain of main driving, PLC, transducer and all kinds of electric switches are imported ones with good quality.

● Many sensors and safe devices are set on the machine to ensure the normal operation and human safety.

● Adopt imported pneumatic clutch, long life and low noise, braking stable.

● Cooling device for lubricating oil is added which reduces the wear of parts when they are heated, ensures the constant pressure of die-cutting.



Detail characteristics



● Safety system

The machine with three degree safety class has got CE certificate of high-speed and stable performance.


● Electrical unit

Imported electronic elements and panels with humanization control layout to ensure easy operation. Cooling fans to ensure reliable working and longer service life.


●Feeding unit

The design of double column type pre-stack unit ensures convenient and efficient operation. Feeder with collision-prevention device. Adopt high speed feeder with strong type suckers to guarantee stable and smooth paper feeding.


●Movable Platform

Unique cast structure and specific working process ensure evenness and flatness and pressure-regulating time. Oil cooling system ensures constant pressure. Manual pressure-regulating realizes non-stop regulating.


●Die-cutting unit

Worm shaft, worm wheel and crankshaft with unique working process greatly improve the service life of core components. Single gripper bar can be fine adjusted to achieve the processing requirement.


●Pneumatic clutch

Imported components to lower noise and pneumatic impact for stable and safe running.


●Front Lay

The front lay can be individually adjusted by four site for different paper processing requirement. Unique manual adjusting device realizes nonstop adjusting.


●Delivering unit

Unique deceleration hairbrush ensures paper stopping stably. Tension device of drive chain for gripper bar prolongs the service life of the gripper bar.


●Feeding unit

Drive chain adopted in feeding unit to ensure stable run and reliable paper feeding. Gas spring for easy and convenient operation. Side lay with dual purpose for side positioning can be easily switched.


●Gripper bar chain

The gripper of special structure and material to guarantee low moment of inertia and impact. Special gripper structure to ensure stronger gripper force and working accuracy at high speed. Adopt optimized motion trail and improved motion curve to ensure stable and accurate running of gripper bar. Imported chain to prolong service life.





Main Motor

Shanghai, China


LG, Korea


Schneider, France

Photoelectric Switch

Omron, Japan/Controlway, Swiss

Frequency Converter

Siemens, German

Button Switch

Schneider, France

Touch Screen

Delta (Taiwan)

Limit Switch

Omron, Japan


Omron, Japan

Geared Motor

Cheng Pang (Taiwan)

Pneumatically Controlled Clutch

OMDI, Italy

Pneumatic Element

SMC, Japan & Airtac, Taiwan

Vacuum Pump


Chain( use with gripper bars)

Renold, Germany

Oil Pump

WLP (Taiwan)

Fastening Screw



NSK, Japan

Oil Gasket

TLK (Taiwan)

Cam Indexing Unit

TAN TZU(Taiwan)


2. Specifications:



Max. Paper Size (mm)


Min. Paper Size (mm)

400 X 360

Max. Die-Cutting Size (mm) 


Max. Die-Cutting Speed (s/h)


Max. Working Pressure (T)


Die-Cutting Precision (mm)


Max. Feeding Pile (mm)


Max. Delivery Pile (mm)


Sheet Thickness (mm)

Corrugated paper:≤4 

Cardboard: 0.1-1.5

Net Weight (T)


Total Power (kw)



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