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SC-1050+Y Fully-auto Laminator (Embossing)


heat up time shorten to 90 seconds, accurate temperature control:±1℃




Technical Parameters


Max Paper Size
Min Paper Size
适用纸厚 Paper Thickness 105-500g/m2
覆膜速度 Laminating Speed 0-100m/min
预堆纸长度 Pre-stacker 1850mm






Auto Feeder

This machine is equipped with a paper pre-stacker, Servo controlled feeder and a photoelectric sensor to ensure that paper is continuously fed into the machine




Electromagnetic Heater

Equipped with advanced electromagnetic heater. Fast pre-heating. Energy saving. Environmental protection.




Embossing Unit is optional

Embossing process makes paper good-looking and valuable.




Servo Separation System

Servo separation system to separate paper stably and rapidly with limited film raw edge.




High Speed Automatic Stacker

The pneumatic stacker receives the paper, keeping them in order, while rapidly counting every sheet.




Embossing&Laminating Unit is optional

Embossing&Laminating Unit makes paper lamination much strong as well as good-looking and valuable.

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