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Automatic Die-cutting & Creasing Machine MY800E


Compare with MY800, MY800E has the following advantage:

  1. Pneumatic Plate Locking Device: easy to lock the plate
  2. Electric Pressure Adjusting System: easy to adjust the pressure, no need to turn the hand wheel, can adjust the pressure in the Interface.

MY800E automatic die-cutting and creasing machine is mainly used for the die-cutting, creasing, cold and hot embossing of cigarette box, drug box, wine box and label in the packing and decorating industries.

This kind of machine is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die-cutting, delivering counting, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring. It has the features of easy operating, reliability, high speed and precision. 

  • It has the features of high pressure, fast speed and high precision.
  • Adopt pneumatic clutch, which ensures stable braking.
  • Adopt programmable controller, and it is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die-cutting, delivery, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring.
  • Adopt coder in controlling program, which makes the running of the machine coordinately.
  • The sheet-conveying unit adopts adjustable construction, ensuring speed and precision, especially fits to the conveying of thin sheet.
  • Pneumatic sampling system makes the sample-checking more convenient.
  • All the electrical are the products that have got CE certificate, every safeguard coincides with CE standard, safe and reliable.


Specifications :



Max. Paper Size (mm)


Min. Paper Size (mm)


Max. Die-cutting Size (mm)


Max. Cutting Speed (s/h)


Die-cutting Precision (mm)


Max. Working Pressure (T)


Sheet Thickness (mm)

Cardboard: 0.1-1.5

Net Weight (T)

9 T

Total Power (kw)


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