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PY-1200H High Speed Roll Die Cutting & Creasing & Embossing Machine


Advantage of the machine : machine speed increase, technical again improve as follows :

  • Oil recycling system with alarm safety system,machine automatic stop when lack of oil inside the machine, make sure the machine long life time
  • Direct linking servo motor, now with extra reducer with motor make sures table and faster running
  • New design paper feeding roller structure
  • Paper feeding plate not move when machine running and diecutting, make sure the machine can run stable and safe when machine running at high speed
  • Oil recycling system is outside machine body,old design,oil recycling system is inside the machine body, now, it is more easy to use and clean it
  • Positioning blocking movable platform , we add one more positioning blocking movable platform. It makes the pressureof the platform more stable, and endurable.
  • Machine more faster, our main motor and driver all become bigger than before


Because of more technical change and improve, our machine have more advantages, the details as follows

PY-950/1200 is an ideal and professional machine in die-cutting, creasing, embossing and full stripping various PE coated paper, normal paper, corrugating paper and plastic material. It applies to papercup, paperbox, medical package, wine package, food package and other environmental protection products. It adopts micro-computer, HMI,servo positioning, alternating current frequency converter, automatic counting, photoelectricrectifying, and pneumatic  lock  cutting  plate,  electromagnetic  clutch,  centralized  oil  lubrication,  overload  protection  and istinctive gearing. All of these is the guarantee of steady pressure, precise positioning, smooth running, safety and reliability operation.


Technical Specification




Paper Convey Width:

Max Roll paper diameter





150-200 times/min




100-800g/m2 white cardboard, PE coatedpaper, Kraftpaper, etc







 Overall Dimension:

4200x 2300x 1850mm

 Working Air Source:

Airpressure: 0.6Mpa;

Workingair: 0.3m³/min;

 other size can be customized

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