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ZH-1050 Folder Gluer Machine for Corrugated box

Product Introduction

ZH-1200 folder gluer machine is specially designed for large strtight line box. The max paper board width is 1 meter. The long folding part decreases the appearance  of bell mouth. The belt of folding part is broadening belt, which play a rolein the bell mouth of E corrugated boxes. It’s ideal equpmentfor large carton packege.



Line speed 220/min , countinuos adjustment
Usage paper 220-800g/m² Paperboard 
Box forming Either side glues, right or left
Paper feeding:  Automatic feeding
Binder Dissovle the type
Electric 4.8kw/380v
Weight 2500kg
The countingrange 9500x1300x1300(mm)


Technical Datum

Model Box Type A  Max A  Min B  Max B  Min C  Max C  Min D  Min E  Min
ZH-1050 straight line box 1050 160 700 90 500 80 12 10

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