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ZH-800F/900F/1000F Automatic Lock Bottom Folder Gluer Machine

Product Introduction

ZH-800F/900F/1000F is the most competitive multi –functional folder gluer machine designed by our company independently. It can fold and glue many simple and complicatedd  carton boxes. Its ease of use, attractive pricing and board scopeof the application of the foldere gluer make a new leap in folder gluer machine field. It made indelible contributions to the field. It combines a variety of folder gluer characteristic. It changes many disadvantages of crash lock bottom folder gluer machines,such as complicated structure, difficult operating and hight cost. It is convenient for the currrent packaging and printing industry- vompetitive business variety, the less, the delivery of the tight schedule. It’s ideal packaging printing indrustry equipment.



Line speed 0-220m/min continuous adjutment
Usage paper 210-700g/m'Paperboard
The Forming of pasting box Either side bolds,bottom glue
Paperboard feeding:  Automatic feeding
Binder Dissovie the type
Weight 1100kg
The countingrange 0x999999↑(full automatic


Technical Datum

Model Box type A  Max A  Min B  Max B  Min C  Max C  Min D  Min A  min
ZH-800F side stickup box 560 110 500 65 270 50 7 6
lock bottom box 560 160 500 65 270 80 40 6
ZH-900F side stickup box 660 110 500 65 320 50 7 6
lock bottom box 660 160 500 65 320 80 50 6
ZH-1000F side stickup box 760 130 600 80 370 60 10 8
lock bottom box 760 180 600 80 370 90 60 8

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