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ZH-1200 Automatic Large Straight Line Box Folder Gluer Machine

Product Introduction

ZH-1200 folder gluer machine is specially designed for large stright line box. The max paper board width is 1meter. The long folding part decreases the appearance of bell mouth. The belt of folding part is broadening belt, which play a role in the bell mouth of E corrugated boxes. It’s ideal equpment for large carton box package.



Line speed 200/min , continuous adjustment
Usage paper 200-600g'/m² Paperboard
Box forming Either side glues , right or left 
Paper feeding Autometic feeding
Binder Dissovle the type
Electric 3,7KW 220v / 380v
Weight 2000kG
Dimension 7000X1300X1300 (MM)


Technical Datum

Model Box Type A Max A  Min B Max B  Min C Max C  Min D min E min
ZH -1200 Straight- Line Box 1000 160 700 90 500 80 12 10

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