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1100 Automatic High Speed Four Six Corners Folder Gluer
Product Description : 


Specification :

GS series  GS 1100GS
Processed Materials
Carton board max. 1100 MM
Corrugated flute type A,B,E
Speed max. 400 m/min
Inching speed 10 m/min
Thickness of folded box max. 20 mm
Blank width 1100 mm
Electrical connected load 15 kW
Compressed air 6 bar
Air compressor capacity 10 m³/h
Air tank capacity 60 L
Dimensions & weight
Length*Width*Height 16.5*1.7*1.9m
Net Weight 7.6T


Feature introduction

Rail width can be horizontally adjusted and set by seven pieces 30mm thickened feeding belt and 10mm metal board.

Operators can operate feeder switch  in any regional.
Embossing drive wheel guide the feeding section belt, side feed gates in the right and left are adjustable according to the products.
Vibration device coordinate with motor which helps machine consecutive and automatic feeding quick and simply. Feeder section can stack 400MM height paper board.
Samples :
Carton type and size:



Model 1100Type
A 75-1100
B 60-800
C(Min) 35


Size of bottom lock carton:



Model 1100Type
A 146-1100
B 90-800
C(Min) 20
D(Min) 30
E(Min) 40


Carton Type:



Model 1100Type
A 160-1100
B 90-1100
C(Min) 40
D(Min) 35
E(Min) 20


Size of 4 corners box



Model 1100Type
A 160-1100
B 120-1100
C(Min) 20-200
D(Min) 90
E(Min) 80


Size of 6 corners box



Model 1100Type
A 250-1100
B 120-1000
C(Min) 20-200
D(Min) 90
E(Min) 80


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