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LQFM-B920 Flexo Printing Machine


Remark: Above 6 color machine photo is just for customer’s reference.





Application scope:

Suitable for eco-friendly packaging such as paper cups, paper boxes, paper bags and pre-printing of paper carton, different packages for food, housing, and wall paper printing etc.

Paper used:

Light weight coated paper, carton board materials, kraft paper, chrome paper, PVC wall paper, laminated paper, white cardboard paper, aluminium-foil paperetc.

Main Characteristics:

1. Supporting inline cleaning dust and printing.

2. Eco-friendly printing, water based ink or UV ink is available.

3. Ceramic anilox rollers can be used for a long time and can supply ink appropriately.

4. Hot air drying, IR drying, UV drying(optional) are available

5. Closed loop tension control is used to make printing tension much more stable, and the registration is much more accurate.

6. Automatic electronic web-guide system is used on the machine.

7. Online printing registration detection

8. Registration system can be operated by manual.


Main Technical Parameter:
 Max.Web Width
Max.printing width
Max.Die-cutting width
Printing Repeat length
Die-cutting Repeat length
Max.Unwinding Diameter
Max.Rewinding Diameter
Max. mechanical speed
Max printing speed
100-130m/min (different printing materials)
Diameter of web roller
Base motor power
Drying mode
1. Hot air drying 
2. IR drying
Applicable Ink
a. Water-based ink             
b. UV ink
Power Requirement
380V 3PH 50Hz
Printing Material
Light weight coated paper, carton board materials, kraft paper, chrome paper, PVC wall paper, laminated paper, white cardboard paper, aluminium-foil paper




1. Unwinding Section 



a. Hydraulic lifting device drives unwinding part

b. 3 inch & 6 inch shaftless design

c. Unwinding adopts pneumatic control, magnetic power will burn due

    to too hot because of long time’s using.

d. Equip photosensor for paper broken, alarm will stop the machine.

e. EPC web guiding


f. Dust Remover


g. Corona Treater



2. Printing section (2 UNITS)

(1) Machine rack: 65mm overall alloy cast iron wall

(2) Gear Box imported


(3) Anilox roller for ink transferring, reverse single knife ink scraping system.


(4) Registration method: Horizontal color register by manual.



(5) Anilox roller & Cylinder Roller adopts drawer design, automatic separation with button press.

(6) ink can be recycled using

(7) linear guideway, microspur adjustment, cylinder installation without axis, it’s easy and fast to change cylinders


(8) stainless steel ink tank


(9) Equip 2 sets of Plate Cylinder (length according to customer’s requirements)


(10) Auto anilox roller rotary cleaning with button.

(11) When machine stops, Anilox Roller won’t stop suddenly to prevent ink dries on the surface of roller, it will continue rotating.


(12) Automatic lubrication unit


(13) Printing sample


3. Rewinding section

Back to Back design, energy-saving and make paper rewinded more smooth

Motor: 11KW


4. Dryer Section

Hot air circulation drying and IR drying are together.
Every unit has hot air circulation & IR drying.
Recycled hot air for drying
Speed lower, temperature for drying will be lower.
Max. heating temperature is about 120℃which is automatic adjusted by computer.
Heating oven: 4 sets
Blower 4 sets for warm air in and 1 set for waste air out

Machine with PLC control, touch screen and micro-computer for automatic color register system as well as web video system.


Standard Configuration for Model B Flexo printing machine

Name Brand
Rewinding tension inverter Inovance
Winding tension inverter Inovance
PLC Japan Omron
Touch screen Japan Omron
SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply ) Japan Omron
Photoelectric sensor Japan Omron
Proximity sensor Japan Omron
Deep groove ball bearing Japan Nachi
Beaker America Eaton
Contactor America Eaton
Control button America Eaton
EPC web guiding Italy SELECTRA (ST)
Terminal block Weidmuller
Aviation plug Sibas
Intermediate relay France Schneider
Electrostatic dust collector China Wuxi
Automatic lubrication installation CHINA
High-speed synchronous capture detection system Kesai
Anilox roller Shanghai
Anilox roller one-way bearing Taiwan
Pneumatic components Taiwan Airtac
Corona treater Nantong Sanxin


Plate Mounter (Included)                      


Purpose : stick printing plate to cylinder roller fastly and accurately.


The equipment adopts upper and down adjustable Japanese SINCO high-grade amplifier, CCD camera and HD liquid crystal monitor for its displayer. The cameta can be adjusted in all directions. Higher precision of printing plating adhesion and accurate registering.











Cylinder Roller (2 sets = 8pcs included)                              



   Anilox Roller (1 set = 4pcs included)



Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaning Machine (Optional)



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