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LQ-NDS-570 Flexo Printing Machine (4-8 Colors)


  • Adopts ceramic cylinder to convey ink.
  • Magnetic powder brake and clutch control the feeding and rolling or discharging. It can be equipped with automatic color registering controller.
  • Each printing unit adopts 360-degree registering adjuster.
  • Each printing unit is equipped with an assembling of auto infrared drying installation.
  • The ink roller can depart from the machine and rotate at a low speed in order to keep the ink from drying when it stops.
  • The main motor adopts step-less converter.
  • This machine can finish processing one web from feeding, printing polishing, auto infrared drying,laminating and rewinding in one process. The machine is an ideal trademark printing machine to print slips and high grade self-adhesive trademarks.


1. Machine Units List:
    a)  6 colorsprinting station
    b)  Mitsubishi automatic tension controller for unwinding
    c)  Automatic tension controller for rewindingmade in China (ZXT)
    d)  6 pcs of ceramic Alinox (line number on your request)
    e)  6 sets of plate roller (3pcs per set)
    f)   IR/UV dryer for every printing station
2. Machine specification:
    a)  Max. printing speed: 80m/min
    b)  Printing color: 6 colors
    c)  Max paper roll width: 570mm
    d)  Max printing width: 550mm
    e)  Max unwinding diameter: 600mm
    f)   Max rewinding diameter: 600mm
    g)  Printing length: 177.8-355.6mm (56-112T)
    h)  Chromatography precision: ±0.15mm
3. Accessory list attached with machine package
    a) Tool kit: one set of tool, 4 pcs of metal pieces and screws
         for installation
    b) Ink scraper: 2pcs
    c) Operating manual: 1pcs (inside tool kit)
    d) Air gun: 1pcs
    e) Step belt: 450H/38.1mm, 1pcs
    f)  Step belt: 630H/38.1mm, 1pcs
    g) Plate roller bearing sheath: 4-8pc
    h) Measurement: 3200mm×1300mm×3000mm (Printing machine)
    i) Weight: 4600kg
    j) Voltage: 380V/3PH/50HZ
    k) Power: main motor: 5KW, UV dryer: 7.5KW/set
4. Configuration :
Printing roller:   Hongsheng, China.  
Anilox cylinders:   Shanghai Yuncheng.
Mounting machine: 1 set  
UV dryer:     6 sets                           made in China
Unwind tension controller : 1 piece Mitsubishi of Japan
Transducer : 2 pcs Mitsubishi of Japan
Rewind tension controller   1 piece ZXT, China
Web guiding system: 1 piece ZXT, China
Magnetic power brake  1 piece Ningxia, China
Magnetic power clutch : 1 piece Shengda, China
Electromagnetism valve: 1 piece SMC, Japan
Frequency transformer:  1 piece             TECO, Taiwan
Contactor:  Schneider   France
Center relay:  Schneider   France
Temperature Controller   Yuyao, Zhejiang
All Switches:  Schneider   France
Other low-pressure wiring   Schneider, France/ yaohua, China


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