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HD-930 Vertical Automatic Foil Stamping and Die-cutting Machine

Product overview

  1. HD-750 vertical automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine is composed of four parts: main motor, hot stamping, auto feeder and electric equip. This machine is designed for the hot stamping, embossing, die cutting, hot cutting, creasing etc technology, it’s suitable for paper, all kinds of plastic film. To meet the large area of stamping and embossing stamping molding process, using airflow stripped bodies to ensure that printing products and foil separation.



  1. This machine was converted into a machine that it can walk foil left and right, up and down.
  2. Feeding adopts cylinder to separate and merge.
  3. Adjust the pressure adopts servo motor driven, it can be adjusted on the touch screen, and it can fun-tune, it also can adjust without stopping the machine.
  4. Lubrication adopts oil pump, the oil can be recycled filter and use.
  5. The main motor adopts alternating current inverter control, starting and braking adopts pneumatic clutch device, so that the machine can be operated in any case freely, and more secure.



Max. Paper Size :

930x670 mm

Min. Paper Size :

340x250 mm

Feeder Pile Height:


Delivery Pile Height:


Max. Working Pressure :



14 kw

Air Pump Displacement :


Paper range:

150 g ~ 2000 g/㎡

Max. Speed:


Machine Weight :

6000 kg

Machine Noise :

< 81 db

Electric Plate Power:

15 kw

Machine Dimensions :

5200 x 2120 x 2220 mm


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